Friday, February 26, 2010

Enemy at the Gates

The Overture

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within"

Mel Gibson kick starts one of the most engrossing movies of our time with this line. I have my doubts over the credibility of this statement w.r.t the movie's portrayal of the end of Mayans. However, I believe it can withstand the litmus test when applied to many other past civilizations. My recent experiences and indulgences with literature of the political LEFT left me pondering over the future of DEMOCRATIC societies like ours.

Is the very fabric of our DEMOCRACY under threat ? Are the enemies at the gate now ? Will the rich and proud Indian culture and heritage cease to exist ? I am not sure. The culture/heritage thing is a hyperbole I guess. But if things that happens now goes on unchecked, I firmly believe India could become another USA and that is the greatest insult one can heap on a nation. I've started this post to learn if we are starring at an impending doom. I am not a fan of fiction. Whatever I refer here can be safely assumed as a fact.

As the ENLIGHTENED say there are four pillars to democracy. If democracy is to be sustained, these pillars ought to be strong and alive. They are

*     Legislature

*     Executive

*     Judiciary

*     Press

In a utopian version of Democracy, these pillars must be independent of each other, each doing its duty to the fullest without fear of interference from the other. The legistature (nobel candidates who represent people) enacts laws and regulations for the welfare of the majority, the executive (honest employees of the people) implements them while the judiciary (court of LAW) and the press (resourceful and honest sons of guns) monitor both legislature and executive and criticise/reign in them if they cross the line. Enough of V standard CIVICS lessons.

Lets try and see if these so called pillars are actually independent of each other and perform duties they ought to do.

Await for updates to this post......