Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miracles of democracy

I intend to write real stories on the downside of a badly run democracy. India, being India, is the place I want to start with. My intention is not to take a stand against any political party. It is to stand against corrupt scum that took over my beloved institutions. This is just a beginning of a long and unending voyage. May be I could even see the flying Dutchmen during my journey.

Do you believe in magic? I don’t. But after a shallow dig into BSNL statements, I have my doubts. Who else can run a public sector behemoth which posted a pre tax profit of Rs 815381 crores (2007) into a loss making enterprise (BSNL recorded loss of 219740 crores in 2011) than our beloved netas and babus. Being a loyal customer of BSNL Services, it hurts even more. One popular reason I often hear is the entry and growth of private sector. It is a weak argument to begin with considering the growth BSNL had post liberalization of telecom sector. I can think of only one reason. It may be true, may be not. But I strongly believe it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Andimuthu Raja. Its not coincidence that he became telecom minister in 2007 the year BSNL made record profits.

Much ado is made about 2G spectrum and his assness’ role in doling out licences. Nothing much can be salvaged in the 2G case, asuming law takes the honest and just road which is highly unlikely. But the situation at BSNL is much worse and of more importance. BSNL is much more than yet-another-obese-public-sector-enterprise. It’s a standing example for enterprise-for-public-service-can-still-be-profit-maker. BSNL also caters to the North-East sector, widely neglected for profit enterprises (all players other than BSNL).

Not much is in the public domain about Raja’s collusion with these private sector crocodiles, but the Radia tapes give us a sneak peak. It is well known now that Raja is the first choice for heading the telecom ministry. First choice of the private enterprises, that is. His discussions with Radia and the pimp queen's calls with other heads of Telecom Inc is a clear case in point.

This is not an obituary. I don’t want one for my favourite company. Looking back, BSNL was part of my life in the last 5 years. It was there when I told my parents about my first compensation, informed them about my promotion in Mumbai. It was very much a member of my family when we organized my wedding ceremony. I want my children and there children to use free and fair telephone service. The wolf has brought the rose for BSNL. It is at its doorstep and breaking in slowly. its our responsibility and our duty to stop it.

We are public and public sector companies are ours. We can make a stand together. Make the government realize what it means to screw the public and be part of daylight robbery. I am going to do it. As a start, section 49O, here I come.