Friday, September 9, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breaking now on Times Now

In a stunning move, Times Now has decided to hold its usual broadcast of hyperbolic, over the top reports of unqualified excuse of journalists, and take up what it calls a blasphemous act by the US for which it will be held culpable in the court of the public.

Times Now has learnt that a search for "Arnab" did not return any results in the wikileaks cablegate website while "Rajdeep" returned two results.

Times Now calls this a slap to hard edged investigative journalism and sought views from eminent members of the public like Rakhi Sawant, Bobby Darling and Chinna Ponnu. Apparently when few were asked to take opinion from Ram Jethmalani, they all applied for sick leave ( Interview ).

As expected, Arnab Goswami will conduct 24x7 interrogation in public domain, interviewing (blurting questions while not letting them answer). When asked by an enthusiastic reporter, he said, "Oh yes!!! this is gross injustice and the good powers there is will go out to make it straight. You will see gross misrepresentation of facts, absurd diction for dramatic effect, idiotic rhetoric postures the whole shebang". Times Now has announced that today's Question Hour will focus completely on this slap to hard edged journalism.

When asked by this reporter what in his opinion made US ambassadors quote Rajdeep Sardesai, Mr.Goswami refrained from commenting, only saying, "Seems even US ambassadors seem to like fast food journalism and not the gut busting, guest frowning, host whining kind I give the public". Before leaving Mr.Goswami said these words. "Well they think they can get away with this. But look, they are answerable to God and His Son's 9 PM show tonight. Jai Hind.