Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Man Army

How often have we ridiculed Vijayakanth ? How often has he been the butt of all our jokes ? Here he is, again!!Doing what he does best, DELIVER!! and deliver he does with panache. Be it the bullet speed dialogues or fresh ideas for the next generation, Vijayakanth captivates us all. Being a Vijayakanth movie, you are never too far away from veiled political references and earth shattering fights. Here he does it all and gives us some more. Only that he enjoys his on screen role and so do we.

The first half is very Vijayakanth and very special. Lots and lots of direct, not so direct references to present politicians and his detractors. Though they affect the movie, we take it with a pinch of salt.

 Second half, which is not a secret anymore, is a very responsible and awesome homage to TAKEN. This is where he does a delightful volte face. Vijayakanth the director exorcised the politician who hogged the first half and gives full space to Vijayakanth, the Hero. This is where he is commendable as a director. This success is very much evident in the way the hall was wrapped up in attention, waiting for the on screen events to unfold. In fact he is so good, I think Liam Neeson gives our man a bad name. Go to the theaters for 2 hours of unadulterated fun.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Long back I read about the term remanence in Physics. It essentially says that whatever be the present state of a matter, it always saves its most inherent feature or quality.

Today, I saw a religious rally on my way to office. A reasonably large group of people, moving along pulling a chariot of Mother Mary.

The group was mostly if not all Christian, but it could very easily be a group part of Margazhi Pooja.

All of a sudden, this word REMANENCE hit me like a bolt.

Regardless of faith and practices, there is something that unites us all. Something that is very Indian. Something that cannot be taken away whatsoever.